Music Promotion Series: Content is King, Long live the King

These are tough times for Musicians, as ‘Live gigs’, the main source of livelihood for a majority of struggling musicians has completely dried out due to Covid situation.  However, Artists who are now stuck at home can use this time effectively promote and grow their fan base online.

content is the king

First, it is important to know your own identity and know what you are selling. What areas you want to project about yourself. What would describe you best as an artist? A Live Performer? Do you have your own unique playing style? Are you a music Collaborator or a music Producer? Content creation strategy should focused around this. The idea is subconsciously to register these things about the Artist onto the minds of people without actually saying it aloud.


It is also important to know everything about your listeners, like who are your best fans. What age group are your listeners and where do they come from? Be conscious of this to ensure that content be created to their taste. You should be able to classify the content-based on whether it is Educational, Humorous, Entertaining or promotional. Moreover, content strategy should be different for different media, for instance, Facebook is a social interaction website so it is ideal to minimize our promotional and educational contents

Quality of your content is of utmost importance. Quality content demonstrates that you are listening and you care Figuring out how you will create and publish all your content can be a daunting task. It is important for a content strategy to know who is creating what, which publishing channel, and when it is going live. So do get organized.

More to come soon…stay safe.

production setup