Violinist, music composer, music producer, Oscar nominated composer… Micachu (Mica Levi), she is all about music

Mica Levi is now a big name in the underground music scene

Mica Levi 1
 Mica Levi playing Electronic Music, she started as a violinist

A British born musician. At the age of four she starts playing the violin herself, following the example of her grandfather. Despite her talent, she doesn’t feel completely at home among the serious, ultra-disciplined students. First she rebels by playing football, later by smoking and making music on her computer.

The world of electronic music gives her more freedom. She starts mixing obscure songs with the classical music and jazz which she has mastered. She gets more exposure of world music at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. At school during the day as a part of academics she plays London Philharmonic Orchestra. And at the night she explores underground music.

At Guildhall with her friends she forms the band Micachu and the Shapes. Their debut album Jewelery, largely shot in Levi’s bedroom. They make their own instruments, stand on the stage with vacuum cleaners and manufacture a melange of indie rock, electronica and hip hop that catches the eye. For Levi, it opened the way for even more experimentation. Mica Levi is now a big name in the underground music scene, but that doesn’t mean she feels too good to give upcoming artists a boost. As a producer, she promotes various artists.

A few years back, director Jonathan Glazer called Levi to ask if she could provide a soundtrack to his new film Under the Skin (2014). The result is oppressive and terrifying. And for her work, she immediately receives a BAFTA nomination for it. Soundtracks Jackie (2016), for which she is the first female composer to enter an Oscar nomination in almost twenty years.

Listen to her soundtrack ‘Under the Skin’…enjoy!

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