Vedan’s Voice of Voiceless!

The song of the hunted

Cover Art ‘Voice of Voiceless’
Image source: instagram page of ‘vedanwithword’ 

Firstly ‘Voice of Voiceless’ released on June 13, 2020 filled the existing void in Malayalam rap music scene.  Secondly as per Hirandas Murali (alias Vedan), his writing is his own experiences and observations of discrimination from the society. The song is about classification existing in society based socio-economic differences. For instance the artist is born and brought up in a colony behind the Thrissur Railway Station, where his life has not been easy. These life experiences seems to have a huge contribution while he wrote the lyrics and in the overall song writing process.

The verses are rather intense and a carry a strong feeling which was missing in Malayalam rap scene.

The camera and editing credits goes to Hrithwik Sasikumar who did an excellent job with the Video. And it is directed by Akhil Ramachandran.