The Temple where the Idol is a Musical Instrument!

 Music is so important because it is beautiful, a conscious use of creative imagination and skill. But is it only music?? It all depends on how we look at things. In fact, all the tools and all implements of vocation are worshipped in our culture from ancient times. 

Temple for musical instruments at Njeralathu Kalashramam
Temple for musical instruments at Njeralathu Kalashramam

Angadipuram, a small village in Kerala, where Njeralathu Harigovidan is trying hard to save an art from extinction. Temple arts and their existence are greatly threatened by the process of modernization. For instance commercialization of life in the contemporary age and the accompanying changes in social and economic structure remains a threat. At one time, the Sopana music system use to associate with most of the rituals at all temples across Kerala. Today there are only around 200 artists/musicians left.

Njeralathu Harigovidan is the son of the maestro Late Njeralathu Ramapodhuval, who is a national award-winning Idakka musician.

Harigovidan built a temple school called Kalashramam which means “The temple for arts”. Firstly there we can see his father’s musical instrument as the idol. And secondly it functions as an institution which works for the benefit of art and artists of Kerala . Kalashramam, it also tells the story of the hardships that Harigovindan has faced to establish himself as a temple musician. He also preserves and exhibits several traditional folk instruments/documents, contacts of artists etc. focusing art and music of the land. Moreover he has an archival section there. According to Harigovindan, “for an artist, the art is god”.

Our write-ups on the legend Njeralathu Ramapodhuval and Njeralathu Harigovidan will follow!!!

Music Practice at Njeralathu Kalashramam
Music practice at Njeralathu Kalashramam

Enjoy the sopanam from Shri Harigovindan in the video below

Mayesh Babu