Bombay Ravi, he transformed the taste of Malayalam music melody

Bringing melodies back into Malayalam cinema in the 1980s

Bombay Ravi
Few Malayalam compositions and he made to the heart of an average malayali.

Bombay Ravi was the most popular non-Malayali composer after Salil Chowdhury in Malayalam films. Moreover he is  the recipient of Padma Shri by the government of India in 1987. And also various National awards for his work.

With his very first music score in the movie Panchagni (1984), he won awards for himself and singer K.S. Chitra.  She also rendered his first song in the language. Top Malayalam movie directors like Bharathan and Hariharan are the ones who utilized his musical genius in their movies. Moreover all songs later became history and classics. Some of the movies include Nakakshathangal, Panchagni, Sargam, Patheyam, Vaisali etc.. For instance all his songs are still top rated as evergreen songs.

Most of Ravi’s songs are a fusion of legends like O.N.V Kurup (who penned most of his songs). And rendered by singers K.J.Yesudas and K.S.Chitra. He tuned songs only in a dozen of films in Malayalam. But nearly all those songs were hits and are still cherished by Malayalis. The audio cassette containing Panchagni and Nakhakshathangal created records in sales. Malayalam film industry saw a demand of audio cassettes like never before. In conclusion, all credits to the legend Ravi.  Above all, Malayali taste for melodies changed forever!

One of his compositionsകേവല മര്‍ത്യ ഭാഷ കേള്‍ക്കാത്ത…

Mayesh Babu