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As an independent digital media company, ‘muse man you’ aims to ignite conversations and influence culture. We strive to develop active and effective communication in this connected world. Our primary focus is to bring together a broad cross-section of the art/music world of Kerala on same platform. We strive create art/music and event-based content impacting users in all markets including  news, opinion blogs, conversation series with artists/musicians, YouTube shows, audio podcasts as well as releasing art/music from independent artists.


Mayesh Babu

Mayesh hails from Ernakulam, Kerala, India. Professionally he is a chemical engineer with an MBA. He has worked and lived in different countries with exposure to various cultures. He is an avid movie watcher and a photography enthusiast. He observes various types of music with a great interest in South Indian classical music and temple art forms of Kerala. He currently lives in Leuven, Belgium.