A. Ayyappan, the legend who enriched the aesthetics of modern poetry

For Ayyappan, poetry and life were not two different things.

A Ayyappan
A Ayyappan
A. Ayyappan was a magician of words

A Poet whose words always use to express considered thoughts on a subject. His words of the poetry were sharp and intense. His anarchic poetry won him numerous numbers of cult fans and admirers. As a human being he had no interest in mainstream and vice versa. For Ayyappan poetry and life were not two different things. May be as poet, he was looking for a rational derangement of all the senses so that he can remain true to himself and to outside world with an open mind and heart. Alcohol was not his occasional companion, but his indispensable partner. After all, if the goal is to transcend yourself and cross boundaries. You can assume the poet has made a sacrifice. He was drunk for art.

His idea was not just sitting at his desk and writing poems. He wrote poems on all kind of paper material that he had with him, it can be a newspaper, it can be a bus ticket, in fact anything that he gets to write. Most of his writings were on the streets, and was about on his own experiences, happiness, miseries, emotions etc.

Through this you can assume, he wanted to put an emphasis on who a poet is rather than on what he creates, as poems. He was very intense and direct with his words. His creation will remain as classics forever!!!

Listen ‘അത്താഴം’ in his own voice…enjoy!

Mayesh Babu